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balkan mixes

Balkansounds mixes by Bela Bodnar

    10 traditional balkan mix

    new! 2013.08.31
    "Sorry for the gap in the tracklist. Youtube delete tracks because copyrights laws corporations ask Him. We fights against copyrights company. Always use creative commons! Fight with Us! "

    We always fight for free music with copy and share 
    and fight for cannabis legalizations too

    World will became better and better.

    check Our revolution page

     download mixes here:
    1. Transz Balkanszkij Expressz
    2. Party Partizani-(Too Hot To Sleep)
    3. Critical Brass-(Oriental Gypsy Night)
    4. Letters from Bucovina
    5. Sljivovica mix
    6. Bushow mix
    7. Balkan Dub
    8. Balkannabis
    9. Digital Slavonic Dances
    10. Gypsymphony